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Thanks for posting! All the clinics you have listed are clinics designated to treat foreign patients meaning they have passed government standards, are licensed and have English speaking staff on hand.

It really depends on how you personally define reputable or having a good reputation.

Here is an exercise to help:

What are the five most critical factors for you, in terms of meeting your standards as a reputable clinic?

We’ve done this exercise offline before with friends and you’ll be surprised how these differ from patient to patient. But this is a good exercise to follow because it means a clinic is meeting your own personal standards.

5 Critical Factors to be a Reputable Clinic:

1. Name Factor – Explain factor

(example factors)

Communication – The ability for the clinic to understand what I want, be on the same page, listen to me, be approachable and responsive before and after surgery for any concerns.

Bed Side Manner – The doctor’s ability to make me feel comfortable, genuinely cares about me and puts my health as his top priority.

Confidence – The clinic’s ability to achieve the results I want as demonstrated by previous cases they’ve shown me, the doctor’s diagnosis and approach discussed at the consultation.

Reputation – The clinic seems to have more favorable mentions than bad mentions from my research.

Once you post these factors, we’ll have some follow up questions to help equip you for your consultations.

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