Reply To: Pricing Ranges?


First off great question. Prices will range from clinic to clinic, and usually there are several factors influencing price:

  • Clinic Size: Large surgery hospital vs small boutique clinic
  • Doctor Choice: Experienced Surgeon, Junior, etc…
  • Procedure Method and Difficulty: For example augmenting your nose via filler injection (cheapest); synthetic implant (pricey) or using autologous material i.e., cartilage from your own body – ear, rib, septum, etc (most expensive)
  • Season: There are busy seasons in the industry and high demand can increase price
  • Negotiation Skills: – You can negotiate and bargain with most clinics surgery consultants
  • Payment Method: Paying in cash vs credit card
  • Country of Origin: – Many, but not all clinics may charge more if you are a foreigner, but the increase will still be very competitive and affordable.

There are so many scenarios and variables that effect price, so it may range higher or lower than the estimates below, which I based on reports from the Korean Consumer Protection agency, our own research across surgery forums & communities and communicating with clinics.

Procedure & Average Price

  • Nose: ~Avg $3,800 USD
  • Facial Contouring (Cheekbones, Mini-V-Line, Chin, etc…): ~Avg $4,000 USD
  • Intensive Jaw Augmentation (V-Line, Two Jaw Surgery): ~Avg $9,000 USD
  • Eyelids: ~Avg $1,500 USD
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