Reply To: Pricing Ranges?


I’m going to Seoul soon (late June) and I am really scared about the bargaining/negotiating process. I am not really an aggressive person and I don’t think I will fair very well getting prices down… I am definitely not looking for the cheapest price but I don’t want 3 years of saving up down the drain. I know I won’t get a local pricing which is fine but I don’t want them to rob me either, I just want to find a middle ground where we are both happy.

I was thinking of bringing quotes from other clinics but will they accept just a scrap piece of paper with “X clinic – 3.5mil kwn” or is it more advisable to bring a legitimate email or screenshot of the clinic quoting you. I just feel the latter is a bit hard to obtain just because in forums like this people just say what price they paid and it’s not very reliable?

I just keep thinking the scenario will be something like:
Consultant: Nose (bridge, tip, alar, oesteotomy) is 5mil all together.
Me: … Can you make it cheaper if I pay in all cash?
Consultant: Okay, 4.8mil
Me: But X clinic offered me 4mil, can you match the price
Consultant: No
Me: Okay bye…

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