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From my understanding, you can go for follow up treatments as touch ups for volume that has been reabsorbed. This is especially ideal if a clinic stores your excess fat and freezes it, but I’ve read the highest you can go is one cup. However this doctor from Miami Breast Center says you can go higher, and he seems to have a lot of expertise in the area. Here are some similar questions and answers I found on his site.

Question: My actual breast size is 34AA or 32A. From the photos I sent to you, which breast size I can go up to after the fat-transfer-to-breast procedure based on the fat I have and my current breast size?

Answer: You determine the size of your final and permanent breast enlargement.The more you can expand your breasts by intensively using BRAVA before the fat graft, the larger your final augmentation. Our studies show that we can give you an augmentation volume of about 80% of the temporary enlargement you are able to achieve with BRAVA.

Question: I heard sometimes fat cells get absorbed by the body after transferring to the breasts. So, what are the chances for fat cell survival on average individuals? Can the results be maintained as permanent even taking into account the pregnancy and breastfeeding? Which factors could cause the changes of the expected results?

Answer: Experts now realize that limiting factor for successful breast augmentation is not the graft, but the recipient site in which the grafts are placed. The larger this recipient and the better it is prepared, the more fat we can graft inside and the better it will survive.

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