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ok so i kinda looked into getting fg to boobs as well. as with or surgery there’s some positives and negatives.

here a very quick list of some of the negs and pos that i came up with


  • recovery time is less with fg compared to ‘normal’ BA
  • the pain is a lot less than BA
  • the results are more ‘natural’and you can achieve a max increase of about 2 cups sizes
  • less side effects i.e. using ur own fat so very little (if not zero) chance of body rejecting, less chance of infection
  • you can kinda do body sculpting while getting bigger boobs. how it works is clinics are now offering doing body sculpting with fg to boobs. so doc will sculpt body while taking out fat and put it in ur boobs. now it’s only kinda like lipo bc the doc won’t actually do proper lipo as in take more than what he needs or take from several sites i.e. thighs, butt, hips, waist etc
  • generally cheaper than BA
  • has a waaay more natural feel – in fact pretty much feels like the real thing – i actually touch a pair. yes, it was weird as in touching another girl’s breasts, but it was during consult


  • results are natural as u can only go to a max of about 2 cups sizes – this may be a negative for those that want a big change i.e. from AA to D
  • u need to have at least 2 sessions, meaning (for us foreigners) extra cost in terms of flights & accommodation. most clinics charge one upfront fee for 1st and 2nd session. this means u need to return to korea. fat will reabsorb
  • fg to boobs can distort mammograms. there is some talk about fg to boobs maybe cause cancer, but i personally think the research has not prove this. the theory is that the fat in the boobs may calcify. but there is more research to suggest that this is not enough in itself to cause cancer – basically sunbathing (and improper sun protection) has WAY more chance of giving u cancer than fg to boobs….my personal (non medical) opinion so this calcified fat may distort mammograms or provide confusing results

sorry that’s all i can remember for now

i almost went through with it, i only backed out bc at the time i didn’t have enough money

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