Reply To: Revision rhino infection, hanging graft, hard lump – how to seek compensation?

Jeet Singh

Hi Indented,

Thank you for sharing your story, and I know there are no words to describe the frustration and stress you have been experiencing from this ordeal. I’m going to need some time to process it, but I want to keep this discussion going because I am sure we will be discovering more information as we continue this dialogue.

You sound very organized, which will go a long way in pursuing any type of rectification as a patient.

If you can’t seem to revolve the issue directly with a clinic, then you essentially have two options to involve third parties: Medical Arbitration and Dispute Resolution.

The major difference beteween Medical Arbitration and Dispute Resolution is the former resolves the problem outside of court, costs less and is usually much faster, and the latter is pursuing the matter through an attorney and law suit, which may or may not lead to an actual court case if the defendant settles. Both methods have their pros and cons.

Here is a flow chart to explain the options you can take:

– The contents mentioned above serve only as a reference concerning medical dissension and has no legal validity.

Korean Medical Arbitration Information:

Korean Law Firm with Experience in Medical Disputes:

This firm has a lawyer who was formerly a judge and has presided over medical malpractice cases.

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