Reply To: Revision rhino infection, hanging graft, hard lump – how to seek compensation?


thank you very much for your reply. I think I’d prefer the Medical Arbitration route.

To update you, after my new translator called the clinic I finally received a proper response from the Dr. (director of the clinic, who boasts appearances on TV – none of which I knew or cared about prior to surgery). He responded to my concerns via email (directly, for the first time). From his response, it seems he completely neglected to perform a alar graft to balance my nose – which was very strongly communicated as a main concern for my revision. I’ve sent a follow up email to clarify this. If so… this clinic has failed me in several areas: forgetting to perform a surgery that had been discussed and paid for (eye fat repositioning), neglecting to carry out the revision details agreed on (alar graft), poor after care and communication leading to an ear infection on surgical site, and poor professionalism and response towards my urgent emails and messages. If this director really did perform my surgery, he should be extremely embarrassed as his skills and competence are extremely lacking…

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