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Jeet Singh

Hi Mara,

Thanks for joining these are really good questions, and I’ll be happy to share what I know.

1. Please can you tell me your opinion about the WONJIN medical group and whether it has had good reviews both locally and internationally for face PS?

Wonjin is the largest medical beauty group in Korea. They have over 700+ staff members, which includes contract employees, and are even building hospitals abroad. When it comes to volume of patients and experience, they definitely have that, especially for domestic and international ones.

Regarding their reputation in terms of reviews, it’s very subjective and quite a mixed bag to filter through since they have had so many patients. They were in the news recently regarding a loss of life, but it’s hard for me to say if that’s a reflection of their quality of care or not because accidents do happen, and there could be several factors that are either in the clinics control or not. This incident is still being looked into, and from a recent update the patient’s family has not placed blame on the hospital.


2. What is the best clinic for PS for international visitors and women with more western features?

Most of the larger international clinics have experience with patients having western and caucasian face types. Clinics such as JK Plastic Surgery, Dream, TL Plastic Surgery, VIP Plastic Surgery, Wonjin, JW and Regen have had a track record of providing treatments for western non-east Asian patients.  And might be good places to start. Also here is a list of clinics that are allowed to service foreign patients in the Gangnam Area, meaning they are insured and have officially registered to treat foreign patients:

Is there a government accredited system where you can check on the clinics track record and whether their success rates outside of their site?

One of the goals of our community is to start to accumulate these reviews, and provide transparency. We hope you stay with us on your journey, and share your experience for others to make a good decision, and that others will help you as well. We are funded and backed by the Korean government, but in the meantime, these government agencies have databases about hospital track records, but I’m not sure if they can make this information publicly available.

  • Korean Consumer Protection Agency –
  • Korean Medical Dispute and Arbitration Agency –

Some filters to keep in mind are checking if the clinic is licensed and insured to treat foreign patients, and if the doctor operating on you is a member of the Korean Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. You have to be a licensed plastic surgeon to be a member of that association.

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