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1 Week Post Op:

Today I go in for my check up. Swelling did go down… my worst day was the third day. My doctor untied the wafer in my mouth and said that the wafer fits so well that I can be able to remove it when I eat or drink but I have to leave it in at all other times. I was so happy I didn’t have to stay tied. He gave the ok that I could have very soft food. He was very pleased that I was recovering so well. He asked if I was having any pain or discomfort. I told him the only problems I was having was not being able to sleep properly, congestion, and random nose bleeds. He reassured me it’ll get better in the next couple of days, which he was right. Right after my checkup, my friend took me to a porridge house. It wasn’t easy to chew. But I tried my best to get thru it because I wanted to eat so bad lol. Porridge really does make you feel a lot better post op. Went back home and just rested.

2 Weeks Post Op:

Today my next checkup is scheduled. I noticed my swelling has really decreased to the point I feel comfortable enough to walk in public with no mask. So far I’m really liking my results. I got there early and the nurses sat me down for my deswelling treatment. Its like an infrared laser light on your face. Really relaxing and it does help reduce swelling a lot. I also had my stitches in my mouth removed. It didn’t hurt at all. I was concerned it would be painful but it wasn’t. Dr. Lee was pleased with the progress I was making. He said my bite looked really good. He asked if I was wearing my wafer all the time, I said yes… only take it out when I eat, talk, or drink. He mentioned I needed to start doing some mouth exercises to help stretch my mouth. At this time I was able to open my fingers which is pretty good at this time. After my checkup the sales consultant said I can come in all the time to get swelling treatments done. Even if I wanted to come everyday. I though that was nice that they offered that.

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