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3 Weeks Post Op:

I can’t believe how fast tome has gone by. Swelling looks a lot less noticeable. To me I still look very swollen but everyone else said I don’t look swollen at all and they couldn’t tell I had surgery. I guess that’s a good sign. I’m scheduled for my follow up with Dr. Lee. For the past week, I came in almost everyday for deswelling treatments. They really do help. Dr. Lee checked out my mouth, bite, etc, and said it’s looking great. Asked if I had any issues and I honestly said everything was good, no problems at all. I did ask if it was possible to get my teeth whitened. He said I could just as long as it won’t be too sensitive for my teeth. He gave the ok and I started my whitening treatment the same day. Only did 1 application today. I’m happy that my teeth weren’t too sensitive at all and I was able to handle it. Right after I saw my teeth and they were super white! I loved the look. They said I have 2 more applications to do plus I get a kit to take home. They gave me an awesome discount for the whitening. So much cheaper than doing this in the states. I came home and really started looking at my new face. I’m so happy because my face is so much smaller now. I didn’t want to judge my face too soon because of all the swelling. But after 3 weeks I’m amazed at what Dr Lee was able to do for me. My protrusion is gone, my face is more symmetric, and my face is so much more shorter that it makes me look a lot younger. It’s just amazing! I wish I had this surgery done years ago.


1 Month Post Op:

Today is my last checkup before I head back home to the states. my face almost looks normal. To everyone else I look normal but to me I’m obviously still swollen. At least 30%. I came in early for my appointment. Did more deswelling treatment and had my whitening applications done. Dr. Lee removed the screws on my mouth. He asked me if chewing has been easier, I told him yes… I can eat soft food with no problem. I took new X-rays and “after” pics. I reviewed everything with Dr Lee and it was such a major difference. He asked me if I was happy with everything, I said of course. The results came out better than I anticipated. Most of the numbness in my face is gone except for the right side of my bottom lip. In a couple of weeks I should get full feeling back. Dr Lee said he would like for me to come back in 6 months for a checkup just to make sure everything is ok. So I plan to be back in Sept. I mentioned how I look so different from my passport now. The staff was so awesome, they were able to type out a letter signed by the Dr Lee, gave me a CD of all my before and after pics including X-rays. Plus they sent all my pics/X-rays thru Kakao. So I won’t even have any issues when it comes to customs at the airport. I appreciate that.

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