Reply To: Pricing Ranges?

Jeet Singh

This is an update on pricing. These prices were calculated by the Korean Ministry of Health along with Korean Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, one of the three main governing boards of plastic surgeons in Korea.


  • These are guidelines, so are not overcharged. Prices may still vary depending on the clinic.
  • Prices are separated in their individual treatments.

How to use this table:

Example – Double Eyelid and Treating Inner Eye Skin Fold.

Let’s say for instance you want double eyelid surgery and to treat the inner corner fold of your eye. The clinic may diagnosis you with incisional double eyelid surgery and epicanthoplasty.

US Dollars

  • low end you might pay $1,400 (incisional double eyelid) + $750 (epicantoplasty) = $2,150
  • high end you might pay $2,300 (incisional double eyelid) + $1,100 (epicantoplasty) = $3,400
  • And then of course you can have something in between, or maybe lower if you are bundling procedure.


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