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I am a 40 yrs old caucasian female from Canada and I’m Looking at the following procedures 🙂

(As stated in my previous post, my last pregnancy was the worst. And has left me with a body that I no longer recognize or am happy with, not for lack of trying!)

Clinics I was referred to Banobagi, Cinderella, ID and JL. Opinions for below stated procedures?
Breast lifting
Tummy tuck
Entire body liposuction
Incision double eyelid with ptosis correction
Angular jaw correction + Genioplasty
Pricing ranged from 58 to 65 million KRW  for everything, as in the entire list.

I do have many concerns and reservations
What scares me are the articles on “ghost doctors” and the many doctors that are unlicensed and operating with disastrous results thus contributing in the current wave of lawsuits in Korea.

I hear V line is dangerous and painful to get done due to all the nerves in the jawline. Some people have been left with chronic jaw pain as a result of it being done poorly. Anymore input on this would be appreciated 🙂
I have heard that if something is botched that we have little to no recourse. The malpractice suits In Korea are handled very differently than in North America, with the outcome usually favouring the clinic or hospital. This makes me leery despite wanting the surgeries. I don’t want to spend that kind of money, because like for most, it’s a lot money and be in constant pain or worse yet disfigured and have no recourse.

I have also heard that the Korean Kibun can pose problems as well. The doctors want to project  confidence that they will do well by you even if it’s a surgery they are not proficient in. Instead they will perform the surgery so as not to disappoint with bad results.

Not to mention the countless reviews from past patients can be frustrating. Just when you think you’ve found a clinic you are ready to go with, you find past patients negative reviews and then you’re back to being undecided again.

As a possible future patient how can I go about verifying the doctors actual credentials?what about equipment? After care? Follow up?
what happens if there is in fact a problem? How do they make sure it is corrected properly? If not, what recourse do we have?

i can see how foreigners can be see as “cash cows” so to speak, because once the surgeries are completed and primary follow up is done, you’re pretty much on your own after that because we have to fly home. So if you’ve gotten a shoddy job you won’t really know until months after the surgery until it’s fully healed. Then it’s too bad so sad correct?

I was really gung-ho at first but now I am wary. Any help and advice on my concerns would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

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