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Jeet Singh

Hi odnok!

Welcome, I totally understand where you’re coming from there are over 500+ clinics here and it can be quite overwhelming. JK won best clinic for foreign patients in 2011 & 2012 by the ministry of health. Meaning they passed their tests and standards in servicing foreign patients.

It sounds like you have a good idea of what you want and the procedures you described sound pretty straight forward. One way you can decide on which clinic to choose is by making a list of what we call your “Top 5 factors” for choosing the right doctor. These will be different for everyone, but they could be for instance: Communication (you and the doctor are on the same page); Procedure/Method (the doctor’s surgical plan, i.e, silicone vs natural material); budget (does the cost seem reasonable to you); etc… For instance, you indicated to heighten your nose, you’d like to use cartilage, and in this case it’s sounds like it might be rib cartilage (if you don’t have enough septal cartilage), so now you would know to look out for clinics who have experience and a track record for performing that type of procedure.

Once you have those top 5, and you start communicating and meeting with clinics, you can score or grade them, you can use something like (A; B; C; D; Fail). This might help the decision making process and for you to better filter through all the clinics. You can use this forum and site to ask questions, share or post any information to help you navigate your journey. We’re working on new features as well. Also if you have any ideas of information you’d like to see on here, please let us know.

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