Reply To: Questions About Eyelid Surgery?

Jeet Singh

Hi thanks for posting, it’s a little difficult to say without a photo, but tired or sleep eyes can be a result of many things such as as Ptois and if your upper eyelids are puffy, an upper eyelid blepharoplasty may help resolve the issue. This is me just thinking out loud, so it’s best to confirm with a doctor to get a better diagnosis. If you would like you can PM me a photo or post it here – just your eye area, and we can email a few clinics to get recommendations and post them here.

I have been noticing that thailand is developing its cosmetic surgery expertise, and there are quality doctors all over the globe. I don’t doubt you will be able to find a good doctor in thailand, but in Korea, plastic surgery, especially for the Asian eye-area is at the top of the world.

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