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Hi myseoulsecret,

Thanks for all the info! The post was a good read, a nice insight to a korean consultation. Those before and after pictures from ‘Shimmian’ look impressive too. I guess my main concern is that some of the imperfections i hate about my nose, are ones some surgeons in Korea try to replicate. For example, my nose over projects significantly (especially in comparison to my tiny head) and isn’t flat in the slightest. I guess I worry they may not reduce it as much as I would like. I also worry they won’t shave enough of my bump off, again due to the aesthetics they usually try to achieve in noses.

Ahh, I guess the only way i’ll know is via consultation/op. Many Korean surgeons seem highly skilled (far more so than the ones where I live) which is a reason I am so interested in having it done there.

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