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      Not sure if you can help on this subject or not.

      I was looking into possibly having rhinoplasty in Korea however after researching, something dawned on me. Not all skin etc is the same, it can be different depending on ethnicity and numerous other things. The question I need help with therefore, is whether a Korean surgeon would be able to perform surgery on a western nose as from what I have been told they can very in terms of structure, skin thickness etc.

      Do you know/have heard of any surgeons who have done surgeries (successful or unsuccessful)?

      Many Thanks!

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      Jeet Singh

      Good question there are several qualified surgeons that are experienced in doing rhinoplasty on Caucasian noses and all types of noses for that matter. Korea is a medical tourism hub, and not all Asian noses are alike and vary. There are even caucasian noses with thin skin types, and native Koreans who have natural high nasal bridges and large noses with a lot of septal cartilage. One of our early members pnewelljr is caucasian and had rhinoplasty in Korea at VIP Plastic Surgery. Also Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic (see below) has posted photos of some of its caucasian cases. The next big market to come to Korea for surgery will be from the middle east, so more caucasian patients will be coming to Korea. Several Korean doctors have also gone to the middle east to train doctors and perform rhinoplasty there as well as in North America and India.

      First Time in Seoul

      Crooked Nose


      Alar (sides of nostril, curved part of the lower nose which joins the cheek) flaring too wide.


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      Hi myseoulsecret,

      Thanks for all the info! The post was a good read, a nice insight to a korean consultation. Those before and after pictures from ‘Shimmian’ look impressive too. I guess my main concern is that some of the imperfections i hate about my nose, are ones some surgeons in Korea try to replicate. For example, my nose over projects significantly (especially in comparison to my tiny head) and isn’t flat in the slightest. I guess I worry they may not reduce it as much as I would like. I also worry they won’t shave enough of my bump off, again due to the aesthetics they usually try to achieve in noses.

      Ahh, I guess the only way i’ll know is via consultation/op. Many Korean surgeons seem highly skilled (far more so than the ones where I live) which is a reason I am so interested in having it done there.

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      Jeet Singh

      I understand your concern because I have a caucasian face type as well. Most surgeons follow the principle of bringing the face into harmony, and many subscribe to golden ratio method, so they’ll know what needs to be done to bring your face into balance. Also be sure to ask pnewelljr any questions. He is caucasian and had rhinoplasty in Seoul.

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      I’m a western lady with a very Italian nose that I inherited from my father. Some may call it ugly or weird, but I like it’s uniqueness and want to keep it. I want it to stay the same general shape, just to be SMALLER. My biggest concern is that a surgeon will just give me a cookie cutter nose. Like you said earlier, I would like my nose to be brought more in harmony with the rest of my face. Any recommendations/tips/advice for this?

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