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NJH was good but the are more better with bridge, they don’t have much experience with alars or bulbous noses. They results are natural and subtle and not for me. My friend said they are somewhat known for FC but I didn’t bother asking about that. I think NJH had my favourite doctor, he was the most likeable, his English is flawless. He is super friendly and he explained all the procedures in detail. I wish they did things more dramatic instead of subtle, I’d totally go here.

For the same thing (minus the lip stuff) I was quote 4-5mil.

Braun noses are the nicest aesthetically on their website, however in real life they are so tall it looks like it’s about to pop out their face. I spent the longest here because it was the most busiest, it was a mix of locals and chines people. The consultants are really scary here both visually and emotionally, they keep saying this is the best clinic lalala and their noses seem so high they cast a shadow over their face. There is one consultant who can speak english and she just asked what I wanted etc. After an hour and a little wait I saw the doctor. The doctor is a little nicer that the consultants, he is probably the oldest doctor. In my mind I already crossed them out so I didn’t really ask a lot of anything.

I was quoted 7mil here.

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