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      Jeet Singh

      Share your consultation experience and price quotes here.

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      I went to consult with Unique on the 26th June, the same day I touched down in Seoul. I kakaoed Unique and they gave me instructions to get there via public transport but also have me a Korean address that told me to show it to taxi drivers so they know where to go. (The clinic is next to Uniqlo, on the 9th floor). The lobby is nice, clean and white. The consultants all vary in looks, some looked natural, some looked fake (only in the nose though, I couldn’t tell if they tampered with anything else), there was 2 of them I thought was super pretty but I could tell they did their nose because it was way too high for them.

      Anyways, they weren’t too busy it was just me and 2 other Korean girls. I waited about 15 minutes before talking to the consultant. The consultants aren’t the best at english but it’s enough for you guys to talk about what you want to do etc. If you want something really specific either bring a translator or bring a picture. However she understood I wanted to get bridge, tip (+bulbous nose reduction), alars and osteotomy.

      I think I waited around for 30-40minutes before meeting the doctor (he was in surgery), I met the nose doc, Dr Lee(? I don’t remember his name sorry), he seems pretty young but his office had heaps of awards and certificates and all that stuff. I told him what I wanted and he explained (the best he could, his english is so-so but he can tell you medical terms and explain how he will do each procedure and the consultant is there to help translate a little).

      My main concern was my bulbous tip. He said he will need to take soft tissue etc and explained how he would go about it. I then told him though the b&a pictures on the site was impressive, I didn’t see anyone with my nose and my nose was more bulbous than the ones shown in the website, he offered to show me more pictures and I said yes, he showed me 10-15 with people similar to mine. It wasn’t as a dramatic as I wanted but it was the best so far I’ve seen compared to other clinics and also much better than the other 2 clinics I visited (Braun and NJH), so I stressed to him to take a lot of soft tissue out. I also told him I will get facial contouring (zygoma and vline reduction) soon (next week) and that he has to take this into account as I know the nose is suppose to harmonise with the face, so he would have to use his imagination and imagine I had a smaller face. I also asked for lipline and augmentation.

      The doctor left and then it was the money time which I was dreading because I am pretty passive and not a fighter. She quoted me 7mil, then I asked for multiple surgery and cash discount, she told me it’s only 2 surgeries but she put it down to 6mil, I told her what about Unique’s promotion she said 5mil, I said please give me student discount and kind of pouted and asked for 4.5 (I regret not saying lower) she laughed and gave it to me and said because I was cute haha. In the email they said their promo was 1.6 for tip and bridge and 2.5 including alar and osteotomy. And I figured lips wouldn’t cost so much and I estimated 5mil at most but yeah. So in reality I only knocked 0.5mil out and still overpaid. They pulled that “special case” BS about my tip. Anyways I did have a thorough consultation compared to the other 2 and I liked their results the best so I picked them and did surgery the next day 27th.

      I am looking for an improvement not perfection. Especially with nose being the number 1 revised surgery, I will be happy if there is a 70% improvement, minimal/no scarring and everything is even I will be happy.

      My number one tip is probably put your most favourite clinic second or third, not first or last because first you will forget a bunch of things (I forgot to tell her how I could write a good review, refer people and even mention how I was referred by a friend) and be nervous and they will definitely sense it and use it against you. And you might not have time if you put it last and have no energy to bargain down and be whatever about it.

      Unique’s website:
      Unique’s email: [email protected]

      Good luck guys

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        Really good info here, thanks for sharing, and that’s a great tip about placing your primary clinic 2nd or 3rd and having some practice consultations before and getting used to the motions. Practice does build more confidence in communicating.

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          NJH was good but the are more better with bridge, they don’t have much experience with alars or bulbous noses. They results are natural and subtle and not for me. My friend said they are somewhat known for FC but I didn’t bother asking about that. I think NJH had my favourite doctor, he was the most likeable, his English is flawless. He is super friendly and he explained all the procedures in detail. I wish they did things more dramatic instead of subtle, I’d totally go here.

          For the same thing (minus the lip stuff) I was quote 4-5mil.

          Braun noses are the nicest aesthetically on their website, however in real life they are so tall it looks like it’s about to pop out their face. I spent the longest here because it was the most busiest, it was a mix of locals and chines people. The consultants are really scary here both visually and emotionally, they keep saying this is the best clinic lalala and their noses seem so high they cast a shadow over their face. There is one consultant who can speak english and she just asked what I wanted etc. After an hour and a little wait I saw the doctor. The doctor is a little nicer that the consultants, he is probably the oldest doctor. In my mind I already crossed them out so I didn’t really ask a lot of anything.

          I was quoted 7mil here.

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      Jeet Singh


      That’s a really great summary of your experience, and it sounds like you managed that situation well. It goes to show you that you can bargain. Please keep us updated on how things are progressing.

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      This is great info. I’m wondering about consultations and price negotiation. The clinics I’ve contacted require a hefty deposit up front. I’m wondering if I shouldn’t pay deposit up front? But then, what if the clinic can’t schedule my surgery because I didn’t pre-book?

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        Jeet Singh

        hi @swoodard

        I would recommend to not let the deposit exceed more than 10%. However, it’s not unusual for clinics to ask for more, if they do request more, you can counter offer and say you want the deposit to be 10%. Most will be ok, and agree with this.

        They usually ask for a deposit when you want to lock down an actual surgery date. You shouldn’t pay a deposit, just to have a consultation, etc… Have you visited the clinics in person, or are your negotiations over email?

        Also just FYI:

        In terms of a deposit refund policy for cosmetic surgery in Korea. The Korean Consumer Protection Agency has these guidelines.

        Depending upon the clinic, they may or may not comply:

        – More than 3 days before your surgery, you are entitled to 100% of your deposit
        – 3 days before surgery, you are entitled to 90% of your deposit.
        – 2 days before surgery, you are entitled to 50% of your deposit.
        – 1 day before surgery, you are entitled to 20% of your deposit.
        – Canceling on the day of surgery, you forfeit 100% of your deposit.

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