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Jeet Singh

Good question there are several qualified surgeons that are experienced in doing rhinoplasty on Caucasian noses and all types of noses for that matter. Korea is a medical tourism hub, and not all Asian noses are alike and vary. There are even caucasian noses with thin skin types, and native Koreans who have natural high nasal bridges and large noses with a lot of septal cartilage. One of our early members pnewelljr is caucasian and had rhinoplasty in Korea at VIP Plastic Surgery. Also Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic (see below) has posted photos of some of its caucasian cases. The next big market to come to Korea for surgery will be from the middle east, so more caucasian patients will be coming to Korea. Several Korean doctors have also gone to the middle east to train doctors and perform rhinoplasty there as well as in North America and India.

First Time in Seoul

Crooked Nose


Alar (sides of nostril, curved part of the lower nose which joins the cheek) flaring too wide.


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