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It’s been about 2.5 months after my skin treatments – mole removal and pigmentation

the pigmentation remained unchanged – as in the results I saw about a week after treatment is what my skin is like today. Some people (esp. asians) are prone to hyperpigmentation, which means the pigments go away straight after treatment but 4-6 wks later they come back, but darker!!! This did not happen to me.

the moles – some of the moles came back, but came back lighter. so i def need another 1-2 treatments to get rid of this. i pretty much expected this. i wish one treatment will solve everything, but that’s fantasyland, but i’m still happy with what i got in reality. also skin treatments from my home country is well expensive, so paying about USD$330 (all inclusive) for the results I got, I’m a satisfied customer.

i will be going back to Korea towards the end of this year and I’m already making inqueries

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