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That’s a valid reason and fat grafting does sound appealing because it’s all natural tissue as opposed to synthetic implants. There’s been a lot of progress in this area and there are Korean clinics that offer the procedure. I think the Miami clinic you’re referring to is Dr. Roger K Khouri at Miami Breast Center. He’s been pioneering the procedure in the US and uses the BRAVA system to prep for fat transfer. After reading up on it some more, the reasoning behind BRAVA is that it will help create more space and room for the fat transfer, which is said to increase volume and survival rate of fat by decreasing re-absorption, which is often due to high tension in the breast area. Think of it like a balloon, if you stretch the balloon first, it’s easier to fill up with air because there will be more space and elasticity. Also there will be less pressure for the air to escape (or in the case of fat to be reabsorbed).

The tricky thing about doing the procedure in Korea is the difficulty for follow up and touch up treatment care if needed. Extra fat can be stored in sub-zero freezers by clinics in case you need a touch up, but that means flying back to Seoul. Breaking up procedures between the US and Seoul may not be a bad idea.

FYI: The Korean text for the procedure is “가슴성형지방이식” in case you want to browse the Korean web.

Below is a video from one of many clinics offering the procedure (Yunjin Plastic Surgery). It shows the whole procedure from start to finish.

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