Reply To: Do girls really get dragged around?

Jeet Singh

Hey Bella,

Great question! This is concept of getting pulled around is known as “Booking.” This happens at special Korean style night clubs called “Night.” Nowadays they are kind of fading for younger generations because European & Western style clubs have been on the rise, and they try to follow that standard.

At booking clubs you are essentially paying for bottle service and match making. Your waiter acts as a middleman and literally pulls girls to your table by force, it’s sort of a cultural thing because Koreans are used to a middle party making introductions to connect two groups or people. And women going to these places known it’s going to happen, so it’s a part of the fun. The waiters also pull guys to a table, if ladies are the ones who purchased bottle service.

Here is a video describing it in Korea Town LA:

As for the club promoters outside, their are only a few areas, usually around universities where they try to take you off the street to go into their club, it’s kind of annoying, but has died down due to a lot of complaints.

Some of these promoters also try to drag women into “talking bars.” These are places where attractive Korean men sell their company and time for a premium price, think of a reverse room salon or host bar. It’s sort of like rent-a-boyfriend.

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