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Jeet Singh

@nala I was just chatting with @bella on Kakao (she’s from Australia as well), and she went to this place (Mi Line Aesthetic). I remember now that a Korean girlfriend referred it to her since her roommate had her eyebrows done there.

Mi Line or 미라인 (Beauty Line) is a small aesthetic boutique.  There are literally a ton of these types of shops, and usually most locals go to places like this. However, as iixpenguin mentioned, permanent makeup is considered a medical procedure in Korea because it involves needles, even tattooing in Korea is considered a medical procedure, so technically only a doctor is allowed to do it, but in reality many Koreans go to aestheticians for these types of services.

If you go to these aesthetic beauty boutiques, it’s a bit more of an adventure and local experience, so you might need a local guide to assist you with the language barrier, the benefit is usually the price and services at these shops is usually very competitive. If you need more info or want us to hunt down one that speaks English we can look it up for you.

But FYI: Regen Beauty Medical Group has recently started offering permanent makeup services too and they are a global clinic, so you might want to inquiry with them.

Mi Line Aesthetic –


What kind of permanent makeup are you interested in having?

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