Reply To: Interested in Acculift.


Are there any clinics specialising in acculift? @Jane, could you suggest some local clinics you found? At the moment I am looking into TLPS but their prices seem expensive. I actually did accusculpt but was disappointed as it actually CREATED sagging. I was continuously told this was swelling, but after a year I knew that was BS. I talked to some other girls who went to this clinic and they all had the same problem too. The doctor explained because we did vline too.
Can anyone vouch that this is a common thing?

+ A girl who went to the same exact clinic did not get sagging but she told me she did not do accusculpt in the jaw/chin section but rather her cheeks. So I’m thinking it’s more ~likely~ if people choose to do it near the jaw and under the chin which seems to be the most opted for.

Could you guys recommend places where results seem consistent and somewhat permanent?

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