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      Hey everyone.

      I’m interested in an Acculift. I’ve had the standard tumescent liposuction done on my chin and jaws before but there was very little improvement.

      Has anyone had any expereince or can recommend a good clinic to get it done?

      This is pretty high on my priority list, as I have a rather chubby face and zero jawline.

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      Jeet Singh

      Interesting, the only time I discussed an acculift was at VIP. Are you looking to remove fat or reposition it to define your jawline?

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      I have a lot of slack around my jawline/chin and some transient fat around my cheek areas. Already had buccal fat removal so it definitely subcutaneous fat.

      Just want to remove the fat to sculpt my cheeks and define the jawline and also get rid of my chin fat.

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      Jeet Singh

      I’ve been seeing aculift popup more as a requested procedure, and have come across some dermatology clinics that offer the procedure as well. It’s tough to say where the line is drawn between where this falls on the surgical clinic spectrum, but there are trained dermatologists who can perform this procedure, and it may be the case that certain ones perform it more than plastic surgeons.

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      While looking up Accusculpt and Acculift on Naver (they seem to be the same procedure) I found one clinic doing an event for 1mil won. The typical price at the more popular clinics (that most foreigners go to) seems to be 1mil for one section of your face or neck.

      However, when checking prices at lesser known clinics, I found the price to be almost 1mil to 500,000 lower than the prices quoted at the larger/more famous clinics. The smaller clinic that I chose did three sections of the face (V-line) for around 1mil (holiday event), but the larger clinics like ID and TL priced me at 1mil per section.

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for posting this info, laser assisted liposuction is one of the many tools plastic surgeons are finding useful as demand continues for less invasive face and body shaping procedures.

      And you definitely pointed out a price discrepancy and savings that comes from going to smaller boutique clinics vs larger hospitals. A larger clinic tends to have a more overhead business expenses and may charge more to be profitable. Also a price difference between foreign and Korean patients is not unusual at big international clinics. In addition, since smaller clinics are not accustomed to seeing foreign patients they often just give them the same pricing as locals by default, which is nice.

      AccuSculpt vs AccuLift

      You got me curious about the terminology, so I did some digging. You’re right, AccuScuplt and AccuLift are being used interchangeably, there is a difference, but it’s just marketing semantics trademarked by the manufacturer (Lutronic). Basically, AccuSculpt is the name of the machine, AccuLift is the name of the procedure you do with the machine. Example: This clinic uses the AccuSculpt laser to give patients AccuLift procedures on the face and body.

      How did you decide on which clinic you chose? And are you satisfied with the results? If so, it sounds like a good find.

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      Hey Jane,

      Thanks for the share and congrats on your first post! How did it you like that clinic you picked? Do you mind sharing the name, sounds like a good price.

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      I’m interested in this as well! I have a genetically round, short chin with chubby cheeks so you can imagine how it is now that my cheeks have started to sag

      However, I’m a little apprehensive about the procedure as it’s got a bad rep on realself. It seems that many western doctors advise against it, citing possible complications like nerve/heat damage. It is popular in Korea so it might be a different story. I was actually shocked to hear that it’s 1mil/section at large clinics as I remember being quoted 2.5mil at a popular traditional chin lipo doctor.

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      It’s good that you pointed that out, I’ve actually stumbled upon this issue on another forum posting from a UK woman who came to Seoul for the procedure, but was burned below her chin. Ultimatley, it really depends upon the surgeon’s skills and experience with the technique. Sometimes clinics might have it on their menu of procedures, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the doctor is practiced enough.

      Some qualifying questions to ask a doctor or clinic:

      • How many cases have you done with AccuLift?
      • Can you show me before and after pictures with cases similar to mine
      • What are the risks with AccuLift?
      • What will your clinic do if an incident occurs or the procedure fails?
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      Are there any clinics specialising in acculift? @Jane, could you suggest some local clinics you found? At the moment I am looking into TLPS but their prices seem expensive. I actually did accusculpt but was disappointed as it actually CREATED sagging. I was continuously told this was swelling, but after a year I knew that was BS. I talked to some other girls who went to this clinic and they all had the same problem too. The doctor explained because we did vline too.
      Can anyone vouch that this is a common thing?

      + A girl who went to the same exact clinic did not get sagging but she told me she did not do accusculpt in the jaw/chin section but rather her cheeks. So I’m thinking it’s more ~likely~ if people choose to do it near the jaw and under the chin which seems to be the most opted for.

      Could you guys recommend places where results seem consistent and somewhat permanent?

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        Hi Nala, there are a lot of clinics offering Acculift, but as a speciality, one way to filter through them is by asking for the number of cases they’ve treated, how long have they been offering the treatment and if you can browse their gallery of patients with a similar case.

        I was browsing some Naver results and came an Accusclupt landing page for TheLine Clinic

        Not sure if that’s the clinic you went to before.

        By the way the Korean spelling for Acculift is – 아큐리프트 in case you want to browse the Korean web, helps to do it with Google Chrome, so it can auto translate pages.

        Clinics also call the treatment V-Lifting (V<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>리프팅)</span>

        Sounds like you did not get the results you were looking for the first time around, it will help others if you share your experience via a review –

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