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Jeet Singh

Hi @MSBlack

Thank you so much for the kind words, the site has been a labor of love, and as a startup in Korea, it hasn’t been easy. We hope to really grow our community, but we can’t do it without users like you.

Do you know if there is a dr/clinic that performs black rhinoplasties?

Yes, although it’s not common, there are clinics here which have performed rhinoplasty on black patients. Since Korea has a US Military base, there are a lot of diverse people living in Korea. Not too long ago, I was at Wonjin Plastic Surgery and saw an African-American female soldier receiving a consult for surgery. Also I quickly checked with TL and Regen, and they confirmed having performed successful rhinoplasty on black patients.

Is there a recovery home? For after surgery?

They do have some places in the city like this called “Medi-Tels,” but for rhinoplasty you will be OK. We’re actually going to be opening up a virtual concierge service, so while you’re in Seoul. All you have to do is message us, and we’ll take care of all your needs for you. But to be honest, for rhinoplasty you will be OK recovering in a comfortable hotel room or home stay. Also some hospitals provide free airport pick up and drop off or we can arrange it for you as well. It costs between $70 to $100 depending on the size of car you need.

do I need I visa to come to south korea as a German citizen?

Nope, you don’t need a visa. You can stay in Korea for 90 days without a visa as German passport holder.

Will I be able to rent a car, with an American license? If not, is it expensive to take taxis?

You can rent a car with a passport, valid drivers license and a credit card. Some car companies however require that you also have an international drivers permit. To be honest, if you come to Seoul, you don’t need to rent a car and it is not recommended. Taxi are every where and they are fairly inexpensive.

Do most the clinics charge a consultation fee? Or is it free? Do you think it would be a long waiting time, to get an appt. Because I wanted to come, and consult few different dr. Before I decide who I’m doing it with.

Consultations are mostly free at most clinics, sometimes they charge a small fee of about $10 USD. And a few clinics may charge CAT scan or X-Ray fees between $50 to $100 (facial contouring patients), but these are usually later discounted from the surgery if you decided to go with them. When are you thinking about coming to Korea? You can book an appointment using the clinic profiles on our site, and we’ll be able to confirm it for you. If you want a My Seoul Secret case manager to help you find clinics and get an email diagnosis for you, then you can fill out our patient intake form.

When are you thinking about coming to Korea?

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