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      Hi, first let me say… Good job on opening this website!! Very much needed!!

      I like to come to Seoul for rhinoplasty and chin augumenion. However I’m a lil worried wether this is the right thing to do for me, because I am African American and I have yet to see any before and after pictures of a black person in Korea. Do you know if there is a dr/clinic that performes black rhinoplasties?

      My second quetion is, is there a recovery home? For after surgery? In domenican republic they have a recovery home for after surgery, you pay x.amont per a day, and you have someone there 24/7 they cook, help you wash up, besically nurs you back to health. And also take you back and forth to the hospital to see the dr. For post op check ups. And pick you up from the airport and take you to the airport at the end of your stay.

      Is there a place like that over there? If there isn’t, you should conceder opening a business like that. With the increasing patients from overseas, that would be a very liquiditive business for you?

      do I need I visa to come to south korea as a German citizen?

      Will I be able to rent a car, with an American licence? If not is it expensive to take taxis?

      Do most the clinics charge a cunsultation fee? Or is it free? Do you think it would be a long waiting time, to get an appt. Because I wanted to come, and consult few different dr. Before I deside who I’m doing it with.

      Thank you so much for your time!! And I look forward to hear from you as soon as possible:)

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi @MSBlack

      Thank you so much for the kind words, the site has been a labor of love, and as a startup in Korea, it hasn’t been easy. We hope to really grow our community, but we can’t do it without users like you.

      Do you know if there is a dr/clinic that performs black rhinoplasties?

      Yes, although it’s not common, there are clinics here which have performed rhinoplasty on black patients. Since Korea has a US Military base, there are a lot of diverse people living in Korea. Not too long ago, I was at Wonjin Plastic Surgery and saw an African-American female soldier receiving a consult for surgery. Also I quickly checked with TL and Regen, and they confirmed having performed successful rhinoplasty on black patients.

      Is there a recovery home? For after surgery?

      They do have some places in the city like this called “Medi-Tels,” but for rhinoplasty you will be OK. We’re actually going to be opening up a virtual concierge service, so while you’re in Seoul. All you have to do is message us, and we’ll take care of all your needs for you. But to be honest, for rhinoplasty you will be OK recovering in a comfortable hotel room or home stay. Also some hospitals provide free airport pick up and drop off or we can arrange it for you as well. It costs between $70 to $100 depending on the size of car you need.

      do I need I visa to come to south korea as a German citizen?

      Nope, you don’t need a visa. You can stay in Korea for 90 days without a visa as German passport holder.

      Will I be able to rent a car, with an American license? If not, is it expensive to take taxis?

      You can rent a car with a passport, valid drivers license and a credit card. Some car companies however require that you also have an international drivers permit. To be honest, if you come to Seoul, you don’t need to rent a car and it is not recommended. Taxi are every where and they are fairly inexpensive.

      Do most the clinics charge a consultation fee? Or is it free? Do you think it would be a long waiting time, to get an appt. Because I wanted to come, and consult few different dr. Before I decide who I’m doing it with.

      Consultations are mostly free at most clinics, sometimes they charge a small fee of about $10 USD. And a few clinics may charge CAT scan or X-Ray fees between $50 to $100 (facial contouring patients), but these are usually later discounted from the surgery if you decided to go with them. When are you thinking about coming to Korea? You can book an appointment using the clinic profiles on our site, and we’ll be able to confirm it for you. If you want a My Seoul Secret case manager to help you find clinics and get an email diagnosis for you, then you can fill out our patient intake form.

      When are you thinking about coming to Korea?

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        I’m considering dr. Kim at April 31 for rhinoplasty. Does anyone had experience with this clinic/dr?

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      I plan on coming in September 8th 2015.

      If there is anyone traveling around the same time let me know, I’d like to team up with some one, We can split the cost of the hotel?

      Can anyone plz tell me what is the name of the area (street)  where the clinics are. I’d like to book a hotel or airbnb but I wanna make sure I’m close to those clinics.

      Also I will be traveling alone do you think it’s unsafe to stay at airbnb?

      Thanks a lot again!!

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      Jeet Singh


      Did you already make any appointments at clinics?

      How long are you planning to stay?

      What is your daily budget for accommodations, I’ll post links to airbnb listings and hotels that would be good.

      Where the majority of clinics are located is around a subway station called “Apgujeong Station”



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        No I haven’t yet. Most clinics haven’t even respod to my emails:( I send few clinics with questions that I would like answers to, but so far they haven’t given me answers yet. I was gonna just show up and go to few clinics and consult with different dr.s and then book my appointment for surgery.

        I feel so lost:( every time I read something good about a dr/clinic I also read something bad. I Am very confused.

        I was hopping to spend anywhere from 30-45$ aday for Airbnb.

        Thank you so much again for being so helpful!!

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          Jeet Singh

          We have contracts and relationships with most hospitals and since we’re licensed for medical tourism we have a lot more direct access to clinics.

          If you would like for us to try to reach out to clinics on your behalf, feel free to fill out intake form

          You won’t be lost anymore and we’ll hunt down info for you. We’re like that friend in Seoul you wish you had, but you actually do have us, we’re right here! 😉

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          Awe….;). Thank you so much!! I am so happy to have found this site!! I will pass it to everyone that’s interested in having surgery in Seoul.

          If I fill out the paper, will it be visible to everyone on this site? Because it requires me to write my real name on it, and I prefer not to put my personal info out there for everyone to see!

          Also do you know what clinics would be considered best? Because as I stated earlier I’m really confused and don’t know which clinic to go with;(

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          Jeet Singh

          When you submit the form it is not public, only we receive it. We’ll take a look at your details and start matching hospitals that would be suitable for ethnic rhinoplasty.

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          Oh ok, awesome!! And it stays confidential right?
          Thank you I will fill out the form?

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      Jeet Singh

      I also want to add @Nala on the thread, she’s lived in Seoul and may know some good places to stay for PS.

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      Hi, Ms Black. I very recently had surgery at April31. I cannot say that I am satisfied with my results. Dr. Kim does indeed have very good credentials, but unfortunately, at least in my experience and from others I have been in contact with, this has not been reflected consistently in his results. I would suggest you keep looking around. But the end decision is up to you. If you want any more information, feel free to message me.


      But just in terms of your general questions about consultations: Consultation at April31 was brief, and Dr. Kim is very approachable and warm. That said, all my consultation experiences were pleasant. Consultations with the actual Drs tend to be 10-20 minutes long, since they are always pushed for time. You may also be waiting for awhile at clinics for their doctors, so I suggest taking that into account when booking your appointments.

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        Hi chickentonight7,

        Thank you so much for the quick response!! I am so sorry that you don’t like your result? What is the problem? What don’t you like about it?

        Did you have any other procedure, along with the rhinoplasty? How much did you pay?

        Have you consulted any other dr’s? Why did you choose to go with Dr. Kim?

        Wow 10/15 min. That couldn’t possibly be enough to discuss everything;(

        I feel so lost!! Would you say it’s worth going to Seoul for the surgery?

        Thank you again!!

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          Also do you mind sharing pics? If you don’t feel comfortable posting it. I understand! Maybe you could email it to me privately!

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          Where did you stay? Hotel or airbnb? How much did you pay? Sorry for asking so many quetions, just feel so lost?

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      Jeet Singh


      I noticed you were trying to ping @Nala using the “Ask Clinics” form. Sorry for the confusion, when you post on there, only clinics respond, so usually the Ask Clinics section is for people asking for treatment recommendations, etc…

      When ever you want to tag a member on the site just add a @ symbol right before their username and they’ll get a notification.


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      Hi @MsBlack!

      If you’re going just for nose, I think you don’t need other people to nurse you back to health or anything like that. I’ve known some people to do breast augmentation, facial contouring and calf reduction who just took care of themselves. You will be absolutely fine. I was by myself when I did my nose, hairline, vline and zygoma last year at a normal accommodation.

      Since I’m currently a student I usually opt for cheap options so I avoid any hotel-type accommodation websites. However, the location is still important to me, so I try my best to stay in either Apujeong, Gangnam and Sinsa. If you know which clinics you want to go or are already certain on the one you want to go, find out the area and just scout through there.

      The first time I went in 2014, I used AirBNB. This was great and usually if you are staying for an extended time and you offer to pay in cash, you can ask for a discount and they will usually (from my experience) 90% of the time they are willing to give it to you. Some of them are iffy about plastic surgery and I would probably recommend you keep it lowkey as some of them may take advantage of you and earn a commission off you.

      If you don’t mind staying at a goshiwon than this site is great: goshiwon. If you don’t mind sharing a kitchen and laundry room than I recommend them. They are kinda like a step up from a hostel. Some of them have shared bathrooms but you can pay a little extra to have one in your room. It’s a little hardcore but Google translate you can more or less, figure out the location and the prices are usually set for weekly or monthly stays. Find out the closest lines to the clinics you want to go (usually Line 2 & 3) and find for their kakao ID, from there you can ask questions etc. I am planning to use this on my next visit to Seoul.

      This is an example of one that is in Apujeong.

      I also have met some people who have had great luck using the korean craiglist.

      Good luck and stay safe 🙂

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