Reply To: African American Nose


Hi, Ms Black. I very recently had surgery at April31. I cannot say that I am satisfied with my results. Dr. Kim does indeed have very good credentials, but unfortunately, at least in my experience and from others I have been in contact with, this has not been reflected consistently in his results. I would suggest you keep looking around. But the end decision is up to you. If you want any more information, feel free to message me.


But just in terms of your general questions about consultations: Consultation at April31 was brief, and Dr. Kim is very approachable and warm. That said, all my consultation experiences were pleasant. Consultations with the actual Drs tend to be 10-20 minutes long, since they are always pushed for time. You may also be waiting for awhile at clinics for their doctors, so I suggest taking that into account when booking your appointments.

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