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Hi @MsBlack!

If you’re going just for nose, I think you don’t need other people to nurse you back to health or anything like that. I’ve known some people to do breast augmentation, facial contouring and calf reduction who just took care of themselves. You will be absolutely fine. I was by myself when I did my nose, hairline, vline and zygoma last year at a normal accommodation.

Since I’m currently a student I usually opt for cheap options so I avoid any hotel-type accommodation websites. However, the location is still important to me, so I try my best to stay in either Apujeong, Gangnam and Sinsa. If you know which clinics you want to go or are already certain on the one you want to go, find out the area and just scout through there.

The first time I went in 2014, I used AirBNB. This was great and usually if you are staying for an extended time and you offer to pay in cash, you can ask for a discount and they will usually (from my experience) 90% of the time they are willing to give it to you. Some of them are iffy about plastic surgery and I would probably recommend you keep it lowkey as some of them may take advantage of you and earn a commission off you.

If you don’t mind staying at a goshiwon than this site is great: goshiwon. If you don’t mind sharing a kitchen and laundry room than I recommend them. They are kinda like a step up from a hostel. Some of them have shared bathrooms but you can pay a little extra to have one in your room. It’s a little hardcore but Google translate you can more or less, figure out the location and the prices are usually set for weekly or monthly stays. Find out the closest lines to the clinics you want to go (usually Line 2 & 3) and find for their kakao ID, from there you can ask questions etc. I am planning to use this on my next visit to Seoul.

This is an example of one that is in Apujeong.

I also have met some people who have had great luck using the korean craiglist.

Good luck and stay safe 🙂

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