Reply To: Permanent Makeup in Seoul


Okay, here is where I did the eyeliner tattoo. BeautyLash in Kangnam. It is right outside of exit 5 of Kangnam station. Their main website isn’t working right now but their blog is They often have 50% off discounts, which is when I got my eyeliner done. You get 1 free retouch within a year. I missed the timing on that so I ended up paying the retouch fee….30,000W so…yeah, pretty cheap. They do a really good job, very fast. 20 minutes with the anesthetic cream, 5 minutes tattooing per eye. They gave me care instructions in English but it isn’t anything new if you have had a tattoo before. They didn’t speak English to me but I speak some Korean so I don’t even try with English so it is possible they have someone there with English skills. I just found a post they did on a foreigner coming in: I think they did a really good job with a non-Korean eyebrow. They also say that they don’t speak English but through some basic words and lots of gesturing, they were able to communicate.


Without English, I think you will be in good hands. They really only seem to have one style of eyeliner. If you want another style, you can try bringing in a picture. Most places will only do the top waterline. I messaged many places around Seoul to get a little bit on the bottom done and they all said they only did the top eyelid. If you are looking for a natural look, that is what you want anyway.

They also do eyebrows. I hadn’t worked myself up to that yet but they do have a gallery online so you can easily see their skill set and style. I highly recommend them. My eyeliner looks really natural, like I just have thick eyelashes. Combine it with eyelash extensions and you never need to worry about eye makeup again. I usually don’t even wear eyeshadow.

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