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So for rhinoplasty the operation takes 1-1.5 hours and the stitches are usually removed after 5-7 days. The scars will fade enough to look natural in person within 2-3 weeks however final results will be revealed in around 6 months as the nose continues to heal. The price range for rhinoplasty varies widely however on average it will be from $4000USD/$415,000YEN – $6000USD/$625,000YEN. As I mentioned in my previous post the price can be even lower or higher depending on the clinic you go to and thexpertise of the surgeon. Each clinic/surgeon will also operate differently so the results will look different. So I suppose the best way to decide on a clinic/surgeon for yourself is to look at the photos of the clinic’s work and see which ‘look’ you would like on yourself. That goes too for eyelid and other types of surgeries.

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