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      Hello, I have quite a bit of questions and I’m hoping I can get all or most of them answered.

      I have hooded lids with tapered double eyelids that are slightly covered by the fat. I’d like a natural look. Here are some questions about the fat removal:

      What do they do in the procedure? (I’m unsure on how they get rid of the fat)
      How long is the procedure?
      Will there be a scar? If so how long will it take for it to heal?
      How many post opp visits?
      Are there any surgeons who specialize in hooded eye removal? Which clinics do you recommend for this?
      Is this a common surgery in S.Korea?
      Price range? (US Dollar and JP Yen)

      For the rhinoplasty, I already have a pretty prominent nose bridge but I’d like it a bit higher. I’d also like to get rid of my slightly bulbous nose tip and reduce the size of my nostrils. I’m looking for a natural look. My questions:

      How long is the procedure?
      How long will the scar(s) take to heal?
      Are there any surgeons who specialize in natural looking rhinoplasty? Which clinics do you recommend for this?
      Price range? (US Dollar and JP Yen)

      Also a few more questions-

      What are some clinics that lots of celebrities get work done?
      I heard some clinics will let you meet a skilled doctor during post opp visits, (something like that) then during surgery they will put a completely different surgeon in, especially in the very popular clinics since so many people visit each year. This is most likely a lie but this thought makes me extremely nervous, I just want it confirmed, is this true?

      Thank you.

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      Hey 1234hi I’m looking to get the same procedures done as you so I’m subscribing.
      Like you I also have hooded tapered eyelids and I’ve heard that usually full incisional eyelid surgery is used to remove some of the excess muscle and fat to increase the height of the crease. Since it is full incisional surgery the procedure will take around 1 to 1.5 hours and a bit longer to heal (say 2 to 3 weeks). However for it to look natural in person it will take a few months.  The nature of this surgery will leave scarring but this will fade overtime and become unnoticeable (within a year or so). Depending on the clinic there will be 1 or 2 post operation visits to check that everything is healing well (e.g. no infection, unusual bleeding) and also to remove the stitches. Double eyelid surgery is the most common procedure performed in South Korea by far. The cost for incisional eyelid surgery is usually more expensive than non incisional and will vary between clinics and the level of expertise of the surgeon. Roughly approximating it will be $3000USD/310,000YEN to $5000USD/520,000YEN on average. It can be as low as $2000USD/$200,000YEN (even lower outside Gangnam) but I’ve heard foreigners could be charged as much as $7500USD/$780,000YEN.

      I haven’t done as much research on rhinoplasty but I will reply to this thread when I find some information.

      Additionally no one really knows where the celebrities get their surgeries done due to the strict patient privacy policies. Don’t be fooled by the clinics that use celebrities to endorse their procedures as it’s no guarantee they had their work done there. Usually celebrities are paid and given free skin/dermatology treatments in return for endorsing the clinic.

      Also I have the exact same concerns as you regarding ghost/shadow doctors. It’s a shady practice and seriously concerning as the physical and mental ramifications on your health of a botched surgery are horrible. Some people have even tried to commit suicide after their failed surgery was done by a ghost/shadow doctor. You can do any search on Google and there will be news reports and journal articles that specify the shady clinics. However as you mentioned the ones to avoid are the really popular ones because the well known surgeon obviously cannot be performing so many surgeries in such a short timespan. Yet even in the clinics accused of using shadow doctors there are clients that have been extremely satisfied with the results of their procedures. So do your research thoroughly and be mentally prepared and aware of the risks.

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      So for rhinoplasty the operation takes 1-1.5 hours and the stitches are usually removed after 5-7 days. The scars will fade enough to look natural in person within 2-3 weeks however final results will be revealed in around 6 months as the nose continues to heal. The price range for rhinoplasty varies widely however on average it will be from $4000USD/$415,000YEN – $6000USD/$625,000YEN. As I mentioned in my previous post the price can be even lower or higher depending on the clinic you go to and thexpertise of the surgeon. Each clinic/surgeon will also operate differently so the results will look different. So I suppose the best way to decide on a clinic/surgeon for yourself is to look at the photos of the clinic’s work and see which ‘look’ you would like on yourself. That goes too for eyelid and other types of surgeries.

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