Reply To: Liposuction ~ 3 Million KRW

Jeet Singh


23 BMI is within the normal range, so liposuction may be excessive compared to less invasive options such as cool sculpting or fat dissolving injections.

Are you already in Seoul or planning to fly here for treatment? If you factor in flights, accommodations and incidental expenses then you may need an extra $2,000. That means your total budget $3,400 + 2,000 = $5,400. If that’s the case, it might be worth checking out local providers in the US that can offer non-invasive alternatives to target the areas of concern.

Usually liposuction treatment can range between 3 million  to 4 million won per area. There might be smaller non-international clinics that can do it for less, but please note, if you have any issues or complications then you will have very little recourse and means to communicate with these clinics, unless you work with a licensed medical tour facilitator or agency, but usually facilitators do not work with these clinics because they are not insured or registered to treat foreign patients.

Since you are 20, you will likely go through further lifestyle transitions & changes that could effect your diet, hormone and activity levels, and ultimately your physical shape and form. If these are managed well, you could get you the results you’re seeking without surgery.


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