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Hi Chloe,

Thanks for posting on the forum, and welcome! Since you are considering multiple procedures, we recommend factoring in your time frame. You will be putting a lot of stress on your body, so having ample time to recover and be able to go the clinic for post operation checkups is essential. Ideally 2 months would be perfect, but we know that might not be realistic, so if it’s possible, try to stay at least 5 weeks or more. One week to do your consultations and get your bearings, the following week to have your procedure, and the rest to begin recovery and go to your follow up and check ups.•If you can bring your family it will definitely be helpful, but having two babies might be a handful durring your recovery. Do you or your husband have any family here in Korea?

• Large hospitals such as Regen, Banobagi and JK Plastic Surgery can provide all those procedures in one facility. If you have a decent budget, JK can really take care of a lot travel and post opp needs you listed (ground transport, lodging and concierge service) since they own a “meditel” (a hotel that has nurses and medical staff on hand). Regen and Banobagi can also provide assistance with these areas as well and coordinate things for you.

• For a private driver to chauffeur you between your lodging and clinic some of the bigger clinics have their own transportation service. You can also have your hotel front desk arrange a taxi for you, or you can download the Uber app on your smartphone and have a private driver pick you up in comfortable luxury sedan – Uber is awesome, reliable and cheap in Korea.

• You can find decent hotels and prices here on several hotel sites. I stayed in this hotel before while moving apartments, and it was fine and affordable. I can post more recommended hotels in the travel thread of the forum.

I can imagine how planning a trip like this can be daunting and cause some jitters, so be sure to take plenty of time to plan it out, and not rush the process. If you have any questions we’re all here to help each other, so feel free to post anything.

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