Hello! I’m so glad I found this site! I am U.S. born Korean

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      Hello! I’m so glad I found this site! I am U.S. born Korean. I’m in my mid-30’s and am excited at the potential to consider plastic surgery finally … Education complete, career solid, wonderful husband and 2 babies… I am considering a multitude of surgeries: double eyelid, cantho, rhinoplasty w nostril reduction, v-line jaw surgery and possibly slight lipo… I’m concerned with the translation as I can only speak basic Korean. Obviously I’m wanting to do this in Korea and not the states as the MDs here are not as experienced in these techniques. I like the chart you posted as a guideline… But it’s so scary going away from home during recovery… I’m wondering if it’ll be better to bring my babies and hubby with me at least 2 weeks… Could you give me estimate:

      1) practice in which doctors can accommodate all those surgeries above who are experienced

      2) recovery time (eg if a month, my husband will have to leave after 2 weeks due to work)

      3) will I need a translator?

      4) how do I find a nice at least 4-star hotel and a driver to go back and forth from clink for post-op and if complication occurs?

      5) cost to have all the above? I found a site: seoul-touch-up who seem to address some of these but because of their invested interest, difficult to trust completely. I’m extremely scared of getting a botched up job and/or what one addressed regarding someone may pay for those services by a great reputable surgeon, only to find themselves in the hands of a lesser experienced MD once unconscious from anesthesia!

      Sincerely Chloe

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      Hi Chloe,

      Thanks for posting on the forum, and welcome! Since you are considering multiple procedures, we recommend factoring in your time frame. You will be putting a lot of stress on your body, so having ample time to recover and be able to go the clinic for post operation checkups is essential. Ideally 2 months would be perfect, but we know that might not be realistic, so if it’s possible, try to stay at least 5 weeks or more. One week to do your consultations and get your bearings, the following week to have your procedure, and the rest to begin recovery and go to your follow up and check ups.•If you can bring your family it will definitely be helpful, but having two babies might be a handful durring your recovery. Do you or your husband have any family here in Korea?

      • Large hospitals such as Regen, Banobagi and JK Plastic Surgery can provide all those procedures in one facility. If you have a decent budget, JK can really take care of a lot travel and post opp needs you listed (ground transport, lodging and concierge service) since they own a “meditel” (a hotel that has nurses and medical staff on hand). Regen and Banobagi can also provide assistance with these areas as well and coordinate things for you.

      • For a private driver to chauffeur you between your lodging and clinic some of the bigger clinics have their own transportation service. You can also have your hotel front desk arrange a taxi for you, or you can download the Uber app on your smartphone and have a private driver pick you up in comfortable luxury sedan – Uber is awesome, reliable and cheap in Korea.

      • You can find decent hotels and prices here on several hotel sites. I stayed in this hotel before while moving apartments, and it was fine and affordable. I can post more recommended hotels in the travel thread of the forum.

      I can imagine how planning a trip like this can be daunting and cause some jitters, so be sure to take plenty of time to plan it out, and not rush the process. If you have any questions we’re all here to help each other, so feel free to post anything.

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      Hi Sophie,

      No, we do not have any family there… Everything you said makes much sense and in the US, leaving so soon during postop would be considered so absurd. I really appreciate all of your input! There is much to consider as we do have little ones.

      My husband is trying to locate a surgeon in the US who may have the expertise to perform these type of surgeries… That would be terrific if so. Would you know of any referrals of any?

      Much obliged!

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      I have finished a consultation with a plastic surgeon in the US and am so excited! He does do all the procedures and seems to be a pioneer about “improving” some of these techniques on Asians specifically here in the US. I loved the idea of getting the procedures done in Korea as they perform it day in, day out. However, knowing there is a limited amount of postoperative care and standards of care will not be met with the same consequences as here in the US for us, I’ve made my decision to do it here in the states. It may not be as drastic as Korea but I have realistic expectations, especially as I do not want to alter mastication, function and teeth occlusion for facial “enhancements”. Knowing that there will be continued postop care and I can count on board regulations shall something go wrong, I feel I am making the right decision. Will keep everyone posted if interested! I thank this site for all the support and information!

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