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Thank you very, very much for your reply (you, too, kita)! Now this may sound silly, but I was dreading reading any responses to my comment up there. So much so I kept contemplating whether I should delete it or not when I first posted it. I was literally pouring my heart out, and worried about how others may take my story. Though it seems I shouldn’t have thought about it so much, because both of you made me very happy. Now I feel just a bit more confident in my plan, and in myself (thank you for telling me I’m attractive ). And I will definitely continue with my research, and share whatever information I feel confident in knowing.

By the way, I’m a senior in high school.. which means I’m just starting the scary transition from being a kid to an adult. I feel like this is the start of an awesome adventure that will be my life. With that said, I’m thinking about starting some vlogs in the future, you know, to document my experience and all.. but that isn’t confirmed yet. It’s still too early for me to say that I will do a short documentary, because I know I won’t be anywhere near Korea in at least 2-3 years (maybe shorter, who knows, really).

P.S. Do you know of any Korean clinics that will preform an upper lip lift? From the procedures I’ve seen, none of the patients have had one, and I have yet to see someone say how much they could cost in Korea. This kind of concerns me, because, if possible, I would like to get all of my procedures done at one time. Also, I want my face to end with better harmony, but I can’t have that if I have the surgeries I want to my nose (my philtrum would be unsightly too long and I already feel it’s too big, anyway).

P.S.S. I’m taking this advice you gave to someone: “…not to make price your deciding factor, but instead make it doctor qualifications, facility and the confidence you feel in their care and ability to give you the results you want”. Oh, and this, too: “Often times we are our own worst critics and can see ourselves very differently from how things actually are”. Completely taking these to heart.

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