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Jeet Singh

Welcome Jochi,

Thank you for posting such a heartfelt greeting and we’re sure many members, including ourselves, appreciate how you feel. It sounds like you have been giving this a lot of thought and it’s important to give a decision such as cosmetic surgery some time. You have something very precious – youth, and you will be surprised how much your mind and body will transform naturally in the years to come. If it’s for better or worse really depends on our lifestyle choices and also the lens in which we view ourselves. Often times we are our own worst critics and can see ourselves very differently from how things actually are. From my lens, you have attractive features, and in each of the photos you have a different style or concept in each, which tells me you are good canvas and can look great when you want to.

Wherever your decision journey takes you, we’re here to help share and discuss all aspects of medical beauty. And since you have plenty of time, you will become a more confident and empowered person on the topic. Feel free to post anything and everything on your mind, and our community will help. It also sounds like you can help out others by sharing your own research.

Once again, welcome and thank you for sharing.

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