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      My face is very asymmetrical and I found a few websites that say that in Korea, they can fix that with facial contouring. I would love to know a bit more about this because I’ve been struggling with this problem my whole life. I can’t really find anything in my own country or even in Europe. It’s really only in Korea I think.

      If it really is possible in Korea, I would love to know a lot more about it and maybe even plan a trip to Korea some day (soon) to get this done.

      Lots of love,

      ps: to answer the question from the private message, I am from the Netherlands

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      Jeet Singh

      First off thanks for posting, and don’t worry you’re not alone. Can you tell us, which area do you feel is asymmetrical? For instance is it your right side of lower jaw? Left cheekbones? It’s important to point out that no one has a 100% symmetrical face, everyone is asymmetric. In fact below is a good example of this. It’s a photography project where a photographer used PhotoShop to mirror one side of someone’s face by dividing their portrait in half, picking one side and flipping it to the other side. You can see how much the face changes. This will happen with everyone.


      Nevertheless, if facial asymmetry seems noticeable or particular bothersome to you there are many ways to correct it depending upon if it’s your soft tissue (skin, fat, muscles, etc…) and/or bone structure causing the asymmetry – it can even be your bite (example cross bite).

      For soft tissue asymmetry (for example cheek volume on one side seems higher than the other) this can be corrected in multiple ways using temporary and semi-permanent procedures such as derma fillers or fat injections.

      For facial symmetry that is attributed to the facial bone structure: the cheekbones, the upper jaw, and the lower jaw. A surgeon specializing in maxillio facial surgery can correct this through facial bone sculpting techniques.

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      The part that is asymmetrical is actually everything. It’s like I’ve always slept on the right side of my face and it pushed my face to the left? if that makes sense? I really can’t explain it well. But it’s very noticeable on pictures and video. It bothers me a lot and my self confidence is really low because of it.

      I do think it’s a bone thing. Not a tissue thing.

      I would love to do an email photo consolation with clinics in Seoul. But do you have to pay for those consultations? and my Korean is very bad so how do I communicate with them?

      And thank you so much for your quick replies and help.

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      I just came across a website that spoke about upper and lower jaw,and I think its that. It’s the upper and lower jaw. Just like the girl in the pictures

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      Jeet Singh

      Photo consultations are usually free unless you ask them to do stuff like 3D rendering, we’re building out a feature where you can send photos to clinics.

      Here are clinics that specialize in facial contouring, they have English representatives who can answer emails:

      We’re also working on populating this directory with as many clinics as possible. For now, you will see links to the English site located at the bottom of each clinic listing.

      It’s best to get a consultation by a doctor first. What we recommend is to first seek a consultation from at least two top surgeons in your local country. You want to find surgeons who are specialists in maxillofacial surgery. Do a little local research and check out their sites, before & after photos, email consult and try to see them in person if you can.

      All Surgeons Are Not Created Equal

      One thing to note is that all surgeons are not created equal. One surgeon may say one thing and another may say something else due to their knowledge, skills and experience. Sometimes surgeons will not recommend a technique or method because he/she may simply not be comfortable or competent enough in performing it. They might say, “You shouldn’t get that procedure.” When what they might mean is – “I don’t have enough experience in that method or technique to recommend it.”

      In my opinion, Seoul clinics are leading the way in facial contouring and they have performed the surgery so much that they have even innovated new techniques that have not been fully documented yet in medical journals.

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      Well, I have been searching for surgeons in my country or around my country that do that, but I can’t really find any. Most just say that, because a face is never 100% symmetrical, I don’t have to worry about mine or that with 1 simple nose job, my face looks more symmetrical. That is both not the case. I’ve been searching on the web for quite a while and whenever I speak about “asymmetrical face corrections” they link me through to a website with Korean surgeons and addresses.

      Thank you. I’ll take a look on some of those websites and ask if I could get a photo consultation.

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      That’s understandable a lot of western plastic surgeons doctors shy away from facial bone augmentation because it’s a highly specialized field, but since there is such a demand for it in Korea there is a really large pool of doctors who are highly skilled in this area.

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