Banobagi, JW, JK or Cooki for DES and Rhinoplasty?

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      I’m planning to travel to SK from Australia in either late January 2017 or early Feb 2017 for plastic surgery (ps). I’m of East Asian descent and this will be my first time getting ps.

      The procedures I’m hoping to get done are:

      • Incisional double eyelid surgery:  I already have a double eyelid crease however it is really low and barely even noticeable. I want to increase it so I can apply eyeliner! Is incisional eyelid surgery the only way to remove or increase an existing crease?
      • Rhinoplasty: How old do you have to be to get this procedure? If I do get rhinoplasty I want to raise my nose bridge and slightly reshape the tip. Is it true that rhinoplasty has a high revision rate? I’m asking because if something goes wrong I can’t return to SK until about half a year later.
      • Laser skin treatment for pitted acne scars: How much improvement can be achieved if I stay 2-3 weeks? Can it even be done after ps or will I have to return at a later date for this?

      Based on the reviews I’ve read, Banobagi, JW, JK and Cooki seem to be the ones with a good reputation that cater to patients from foreign countries. Which one do you guys recommend?

      Also how much cash in $AUD should I bring with me to cover the cost of everything including the surgery, aftercare, transport, food and accomodation?

      Thank you in advance 😀 I’m going to request for some approximate quotes from the clinics above now hehe


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      Jeet Singh

      You have to be 18 to have surgery in Korea.

      Eyes: You need to be examined to see which method is best for you

      Nose: Most clinics have a 1 year warranty on surgery

      Skin: You can see a noticeable improvement but may need to continue treatment back in Australia.

      Budget: To be safe plan for at least.

      Eyes $3500 AUD

      Nose$6500 AUD

      Hotel & food depends on your lifestyle & preferences.

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