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      im heading next week for my rhinoplasty and fat grafting at banobagi through docfinder.

      i was quoted

      Rhinoplasty : 3.85~4.95 mil krw

      Filler removal : 0.5 mil KRW

      Alar reduction : 1.1~1.65 mil KRW

      Fat graft on whole face : 2.75~3.3 mil krw(1 time, + 1.5 mil : 2nd time) or Fat graft per area : 1.54~1.98 mil krw

      Do you guys think that I’ll be able to get a bigger amount of discount and that the price they give is slightly overprice?

      Has anyone been to banobagi?

      Thank you!!

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      Jeet Singh

      Those are pretty good prices, and below the average prices.

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      Jeet Singh

      Wait, I have a question is it a revision?

      On the low end it’s 5.45 million and 7.1 on the high end for the whole nose.

      Ideally you can stay on the lower end of the quote, that would be closer to the personal average I’ve seen. Especially if it’s a primary surgery.



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      Nope! It’s not a revision rhinoplasty just the normal ones!

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        Jeet Singh

        Technically, it’s a revision because they are charging to dissolve or remove the filler.

        So when I added up all the individual parts it comes out to 5.45 million based on your quote on the low end. That .5 for the filler removal is bringing up the price.

        I wouldn’t say that price is bad, you might be able to get it at 4.2 to 4.6 at other places, but the agency is also going to take care of you and giving you some peace of mind. You’ll have a staff on call to assist you.

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