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      Hi guys,

      I’m seeking for some advice of the best doctor in Korea to do my Nose job. I did primary rhinoplasty once and it seems to be wasted 🙁 My nose is still too big and it is not going to straight as my original one. I spent $6000usd on it but the result make me so upset. I’m planning to go to Korea to do revisional rhinoplasty during my break soon. Any recommend about nose tip and best doctor that professional in rhinoplasty revision that worth? I don’t want to be fail in rhinoplasty again. Thanks!

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      Jeet Singh


      Thanks for posting. When was your primary rhinoplasty? Did you bring up the concerns with your primary surgeon to see if he could revise it. Some folks, may chime in with suggestions. If you’d like for us to research and match you with few options, we can assist you with that as well.

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      @jeetdhindsa: I already bring up the concerns with my primary doctors but it seem to be worse. I really need help at the moment to seek for some advice of the best doctor to recover my nose in this June. Thanks!

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        Jeet Singh

        Hi Rachel,

        If you need help finding the right doctor for you then we recommend using our case management service.

        Case Management Includes:

        • We will reach out to qualified clinics that best match your treatment goals, criteria and constraints (method, time, budget) and research & gather the top 3 recommendations & offers for you to review. These will be handpicked, and we will negotiate fees on your behalf and have the clinic include bonus services & free perks, such as free airport pickup, and extra services & petite beauty treatments.
        • Unlimited virtual concierge (“local best-friend service”) text, phone and email support for getting out and about and troubleshooting any issues and support to get things done while in Seoul, explaining how and where to get items, help ordering food delivery, relaying questions to clinics before & after treatment etc… Help if you’re in trouble or there’s a problem or even just chatting if you’re bored and need local shopping and sight seeing tips.
        • Personal onsite assistance on day of consultant and treatment with our nurse or medical interpreter or care coordinator (For non-English speaking clinics only)*
        • Act as single contact point, maintaining your operation and post operation care schedule and appointments, especially if you want to make changes or having any questions or concerns while in recovery.
        • Providing communication and support after surgery between you and the hospital for any concerns, or unforeseeable complications, dissatisfaction, and issues should they arise for up to 1 year after surgery. We’ll be your boots on the ground and make sure you get a response from the provider.

        To get started message us:

        Please note:

        Revision Rhinoplasty usually starts at USD $5,000 and we have seen that it can go up to $12,000 in severe & complex cases. That’s why we encourage people to first see their original doctor and see if he can do the revision for free or at a discounted price. The prices range depending on a few things:

        1. Complexity & method: septal vs rib cartilage
        2. Surgeon seniority & experience: junior vs senior surgeon
        3. Type of clinic: small boutique vs international hospital
        4. Seasonality & demand: free vs busy schedule

        We have helped hundred’s of patients get the results they’re looking for, and we’d be happy to assist you.

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