Difference between incision and non-incision eyelid surgery?

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      Hi, I will be going to Korea in September and I want to do eyelid surgery while I am there. I was doing research and read there is a incision and non-incision eyelid surgery and want to understand the difference, the heal time difference, and cost difference? I am looking for a clinic in the Gangman area because I heard the best clinics are there. Where are the best recommendations? Also, since I am going to Korea to visit, when would be the best time to do the surgery? At the beginning of my trip so I can go to follow up doctor visits? Or at the end of my trip so i can enjoy my trip and do the surgery last before I return home to the US? Any information you can provide is very helpful. Thank you!

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      Jeet Singh

      Incision eyelid surgery – means making a surgical cut on the eyelid and then stitching it together. This method can leave a scar.

      Non-incision eyelid surgery: means using buried sutures, basically stitching the top layer of eyelid skin to the soft tissue beneath it, so they will stick (natural adhesion). This method is popular because it leaves minimal scarring. Buried sutures (tying or stitching together soft tissue under the skin) are used for the majority non-incisional double eyelid surgery these days, but all the names you see like Seven Lock, Natural Adhesion, Consecutive non-incision, Single-knot non-incision, etc… are the many different techniques and subtle intricacies of how to perform those buried sutures. Some methods are argued to be more superior to others.

      Note: It’s best to confirm with a doctor, which method works best for you. Usually people with thin eyelid skin are the best candidates for non-incisional.

      Recovery Time

      There will be critical swelling and possible bruising for the first 1-2 week after the surgery.

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