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      Jeet Singh

      Hi guys,

      Not really PS related, but I wanted to share a new product I’ve been experimenting with in my Korean skin whitening, brightening and lightening regiment called G2CELL which has been showing pretty decent results, especially if you want that instant brightening effect.

      I kept seeing these in most of the dermatology clinics around Gangnam. It’s not really sold in stores, and I don’t think many places sell it online. One of the clinics in our network happened to carry it, so I asked if they could hook me up with some samples. It was December, so the manager just gave me 15 packs and said Merry Christmas! They’re a very My Seoul Secret friendly clinic =)

      Anyway, so far, so good I keep them refrigerated, and I’m about 11 masks in, and I like it so far. It’s definitely a must if you can get your hands on this, especially for anyone looking for a good K-Beauty mask pack to add to their Korean skin whitening regiment.

      I switch between this and SK-II masks, which are bit pricier, but G2CELL isn’t exactly cheap either, but it’s pretty high quality, and I like to use it when I know I’m going out and want to make that wow effect on my skin’s complexion and appearance.

      It gives an immediate moisture and brightening effect and feels good overall. I’m not really a mask connoisseur and SK-II is my standard go to, but this is a great alternative.  Smell wise, it’s bit ehhh “unique” shall we say, but I’m not going for the smell, but the ingredients and the effect on my skin.

      It has a jelly-like gel fabric, which feels very soothing and I usually like these types of masks as opposed to the cotton and dry style ones. Usually, Korean skin whitening masks are pretty small, but this one fits my face with good coverage.

      It’s got the key essentials like Vitamin C and niacinamide, but the most impactful skin whitening ingredients that reduce melanin pigmentation are birch sap and carnosine brightening peptide.

      These are always a great stack and my opinion, must-have ingredients, in any regiment where the goal is radiance and brightening.

      More info on carnosine here, and why it’s good to take as a vitamin supplement as well for anti-aging:  https://www.truthinaging.com/ingredients/carnosine

      Here’s what the pack looks like:




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      What are the best whitening products u have used? And work effectively

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        Jeet Singh

        Good questions, I am only speaking from my own personal experience as a South Asian American with a brown skin complexion, but I liked SK II products and usually masks and products that have niacinamide.



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      Have they made the biggest impact to ur face, I’m south Asian to


      Could u list what hasn’t worked for u and what has,

      i will be purchasing the sk11 mask

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        Jeet Singh

        My best gains:


        • Daily sun protection
        • Limiting exposure to sun
        • Vitamin C & Hydration
        • Low Stress or stress management

        Home Care:

        • Wash & exfoliating brush like care-sonic
        • Brightening and whitening serum and cream that contains proven ingridients

        Clinic Care:

        • Glutathione IV treatment 2 X week for 3 months and then 2 month.
        • Peels & Facials (once a month)
        • Laser Skin Toning (once or twice a month)
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