Hi guys – I’m from Australia but I am Chinese-mixed.

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      Hi guys,

      I’m from Australia but I am Chinese-mixed. I’m pretty young, still in uni. I never really considered surgery seriously until 2009-2010 at a wildly young age, I was exposed to cosmetic surgery pretty young since I had many relatives including my own mum go for things like botox and face lifts, however no one ever really going things for eyes or nose. From a young age as well I was very self conscious how I looked and always knew I HAD to do something about it, something more than makeup and a new hairstyle.

      When I really researched I never even looked into “Western” surgeons because I knew most if not all would not be familiar with an asian face. I knew that Korea was known for plastic surgery and I just researched more and more and basically sealed the deal, their affordability and skill set is one hard to beat.

      Ever since then I have been madly saving as much as a high school/uni student can and finally in 2014 June/July I will be staying in Seoul for approximately 20 days with a couple of other girls which I had met in another forum. However I have virtually abandoned that forum because:

      1) … Um it’s a women’s purse blog
      2) It’s filled with promoters and lazy/naive researchers (Not sure which is worse tbh)
      3) The pool of clinics are extremely limited, people never really try to venture to local clinics
      4) Clinics monitor and are very aware of the forum which makes me feel a bit exposed and vulnerable
      5) The information I find there is either biased/wrong/irrelevant
      6) I do not like how the general consensus of most people in that forum that they will come out of surgery looking like models and having a rather rose tinted view on surgery process

      I will be doing the following when I am in Seoul.
      1) Facial contouring – Vline and Zygoma reduction
      2) Rhinoplasty – tip, bridge (3mm), alar reduction, osteotomy/nasal bone narrowing
      3) Hair graft – lowering and reshaping my hairline to get a rounder hairline and smaller forehead

      I am looking for a dramatic change. I am obsessed with getting specialists so I will be going to 3 different clinics (still contemplating if I should mention/name them here- however I will when I have undergone my procedures)

      I will definitely update you guys on how I’m going. I really think MSS could be the answer for people navigating through the Korean surgery process and also save a bunch of people from all the shadiness that goes on within forums and backdoor deals of clinics.

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi Mwol!

      Welcome and thank your for joining we hope that you can share your story with us as your journey progresses. We and other users coming across the site really appreciate your effort to share. We will do our best to help answer your questions and keep our community honest and transparent.

      Looking at your stack of procedures it would be good to break them as 1 and 2 at one clinic and 3 at a hair clinic, or you could breakup all 3 at various clinics. The tricky part will be amount of time needed between procedures and the anesthesia. You definitely need to go under general anesthesia for #1 and local anesthesia can be done for #2 and #3 if you were to break them apart. However if you were to stack #1 and #2 at one clinic on the same operation day then you would be able to go under general anesthesia once, and then go under local anesthesia for the hair transplant on another date.

      We are really trying to get this community going and organizing information as best as possible. We have exciting developments underway, but we can’t do it without members like you.

      Thanks for joining and welcome!

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      I am planning to do my eyes, nose and v shaped.  Did you do it yet ? If so how did it go? Can you give me advises as far as clinics and doctors.

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