Hi Im asian living in dubai and I want to go to Korea for ps

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      Hi Im asian living in dubai and I want to go to Korea for ps.

      Where can I get a translator? I want to come only for consultation first. I have 5 clinics in mind…bk, jw, jk, wonjinand banobagi ( spell check ) anyway do u think I can do it only for a day or 2? I will do my surgery around February and consultation maybe this month or January.

      Or u think its advisable to do everything in one consultation and surgery altogether? I can only get 5days vacation to 15days nothing more. I dont kno whats best to do with my face so I really need doctors opinion. I dont want drastic change just enhance a bit. I like friends to see me and say hey u look a bit different but I cant tell..like prettier.

      And I and reply oh its the new cream or new facials lol. I have a bulging eyes not sure if they can make it a little deep. Im not sure if I can do do something with my nose bcuz I hav sinusitis and it’s always itchy thus I develop a mannerisms of scratching it multiple times unnoticed. And my lips are big especially upper lip I like them sexier but not pout like Hollywood celebrities.

      Do u recommend skin clinics as well like I can do skin laser to make my dark color even especially private areas..bikini line and bum etc..or the clinics c I mentioned hav them too? Lastly I want to do breast augmentation not big but very natural looking and feeling. Not like its a set of boob looking really like just a balloons not moving like a porn stars..sorry if anyone will be offended.

      But im always afraid that It will looks soo fake and hard like a ball. Is there anyone went with a breast augmentation that really happy with the results? Feedback from clinics website can b good but untrustworthy. I want personal experience. Where to stay cheap but nice that anybody used before? Sorry for long post. Im not sure where to post as well. I just joined today. Found this site while searching korea plastic surgery.

      Thank u in advance. Stella

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      Jeet Singh

      Hi Stella,

      Welcome, and thanks for posting. Five consultations may be tough to squeeze in two days, but it’s possible. It sounds like you want more of a natural vs a dramatic change, and it’s good if you let the doctor know those goals when you consult. It’s best to start with some photo consultations via email and I believe you can do a video skype consultation with JK. As for breast augmentation, there are plenty of clinics here that offer options for a natural looking treatment. For skin treatments, it might be best to start treatment here and continue them in Dubai because you can’t expect dramatic skin results from just one treatment. 2 week stay sounds about right more would be better, but it depends upon what kind of treatments you will get and what their recovery time and post-operative care involves.

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