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      i am from the u.s. i have been thinking for a long time about getting a surgery in korea but i never been to korea i dont know how things work there.

      • i do have lots of question about korea and the surgery. if you could answer my question it will be great.
      • how much is u.s money = to korea ( u.s 5-6 dollar i could buy a meal what can i buy in korea )
      • what are the price around for a nose surgery, bigger eye and fat removal
      • i am still looking for the hospitals can you give me a list of the best hospital in korea
      • what is the price for the hotel there
      • and the most important question how am i gona go back to u.s. after the surgery i will be looking different from my past port
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      Jeet Singh

      Hi Yan,

      Welcome, we can help you answer all those questions. Just simply post them in the appropriate section in the forums, but there are some quick answers:

      • US Dollar to Korean Won – Currency rates will change, but a standard rule of thumb is 1,000 Korean Won = 1 US Dollar. Food in Korea is not expensive, you can get a full meal for about $5 to $6 at most Korean restaurants.
      • Prices for procedures will also vary Nose ($1K ~ $5K); eyes ($500 to $3.5K); fat removal (depends on area)
      • You can find a list of clinics here on our main site:
      • Hotels will range from as low as ($20 to $500) per night, it depends on your taste and location.
      • Getting back to the US won’t be a problem; just have the appropriate papers and other forms of identification, and explain that you had cosmetic surgery. Once you are back in the US be sure to renew your ID and passport photos.

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      thanks a lot for your answers, it helps alot.

      $1 US dollar is a lot in korean, what can i buy. ($1K ~ $5K) does this mean kilo, 1,000-5,000 US?

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      Jeet Singh

      Yes, $5K means $5,000, so $5,000 US dollars means roughly 5,000,000 Korea Won

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