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      I am a 56 year old Chinese female. Age has resulted in the corners of my eyelids getting saggy and droopy. Furthermore my under eye bags have also gotten significantly larger. I am inquiring about what exact procedure would be recommended. I have been given many different opinions when using the online consultations by sending clinics my photos.

      Some include: eyebrow lift, fat grafting, blepharoplasty, and removal of the eye bag. I personally would like a very natural appearance and am very afraid that with something like an eyebrow lift my face will look too taught and unnatural after the procedure. I am not unhappy with my age but would like a boosts. What procedures would you reccomend for this?

      I seem to find a lot more information online regarding younger women improving their appearance and less information on anti-aging to the face. As a result which clinics would you reccomend specializes in anti aging in using surgical techniques?


      thank you!

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