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      Hi everyone! I’m planning to have rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty in Seoul but I also want to do PRP treatment. Should I have PRP before plastic surgery or after?

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      Jeet Singh

      This is an interesting stacking of procedures. It would be best to reach out to a clinic to ask. We’ll try to ask a few clinics to see what they recommend. Have you found an answer since you posted?

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      you either need to do PRP fg during your other procedures or wait until swelling has subsided from one procedure before doing another

      my doc refused to do fg after eyes bc of the swelling. i returned to korea about 9 months later to do fg

      however i know people that do fg straight after doing eyes and/or nose…as long as doc is willing to do it, u can do it

      i personally don’t think it’s a good idea as in those cases their fg didn’t last long and a lot of the fat absorbed. in my case i’m a yr post op and i would say about 70% of the fat has survived…my fg still looks pretty good

      basically up to you – there are docs that will do fg on you shortly after you had other procedures done

      good luck!!!

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      Seek advice from your physician for they know which one goes first and what is safe for you. 🙂

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