Well I guess I’ll be the first one to reply here!

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      Well I guess I’ll be the first one to reply here!

      I’m from New York, I had a rhinoplasty last year here but I’m not satisfied at all with the results. I’d like to get a second rhinoplasty, have my jaw shaved slightly, and get the love band procedure or get fillers under my eyes.

      I’d most likely have this done in about 2 or 1.5 years (I think I’m too young for something like jaw shaving right now) but I want to make an informed decision about what to do. I’m so confused about what clinic to go to. They all seem nice but I’m not a local and I have no idea which ones are truly reputable and which ones actually will care about their patients instead of just doing an okay job and moving onto the next patient as fast as possible.

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      Jeet Singh

      Welcome Kita!

      Thanks for sharing and introducing yourself. We can completely understand and sympathize with your concerns because initially the options will seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help and we’re local. It’s really good that you’ve given yourself that amount of time because you will definitely be an empowered and well informed patient by then, and maybe your thoughts on surgery will have also changed all together, which is 100% OK.

      You’re definitely not alone, in fact earlier today, I met with Bella (first forum members) who’s in town for vacation and helping her American friend here for surgery. He was stressed about choosing a clinic after seeing 6 of them. We all sat down and helped him weigh the pros and cons and he feel’s a lot more comfortable now choosing. He’s a really smart guy who did a lot of homework, but choosing can be tough and we’re here to act as a sounding board to help, so feel free to post and ask anything.

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      I want rhinoplasty as well and some kind of procedure to get a v-line (different hospitals keep telling me different things so I don’t know exactly which procedure I’m going to do yet)!

      I’ve contacted a lot of surgery clinics and they have translators/representatives that speak English very well so I don’t think this should be a concern in most clinics!

      I’m 15 (almost 16) and I’ve had a rhinoplasty before but I want it redone, and I need to earn money too T_T but I’ve never had a job.

      I know how you feel about not being comfortable in your own skin, I have trouble looking people in the eye and I don’t have many friends/get close to people easily. All I wear are baggy sweatshirts and pants.

      I think you’re really pretty and you’re probably going to be STUNNING after you get your procedures done!

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