What's the top 5 V-line clinic for very pointy, unnatural v-line? & Nose

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      Hi! So that’s the type of very pointy v-line I’m talking about. They don’t have to be in Gangnam.

      Also what’s the usual price for brown birthmark removal(small) and teeth whitening? My teeth are pretty yellow.

      Also how would you say pointy in Korean in that context.

      Also this for nose

      Obviously the after. Except I don’t want any height added any other substance to my nose. I want the tip to be pointy and the side of the bridge to be narrowed(shaved), which is something I haven’t seen for clinics in Korea. My nose isn’t flat but it is big.

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      Hi @pale thanks for posting.

      Do you want the sharp angle like that? Most clinics that specialize in maxillofacial surgery and facial contouring can offer that look, but might advise against it. It really depends on their diagnosis and making sure to keep your face in balance while performing the surgery safely.

      There’s some options for V-Line. You can go to a of to a dental surgery in Korea known as a 치과 (chee-kwa) or a plastic surgery clinic 성형외과 (seong-hyeong-eek-kwa), which has facial contouring specialists. You can also go to a University Hospital.

      Examples of dental surgery would be clinics like EverM, and The Face Dental where @nycangel wrote a very good in depth review regarding her experience.

      And Plastic Surgery Clinics would be places like Dream, TL Plastic Surgery, Facline, etc… You can see a full list here. Facial Contouring Clinics Seoul

      Birthmark and mole removal is typically about 10,000 won ($9 USD) per mm. I’ll check on the teeth whitening.

      For your nose question @sora might have a better response.

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      Sora Lee


      I recently had a revision nose surgery at Garosu, I’m going to post photos and a review soon.

      To describe that nose in Korean you can show them this – “얄쌍하고 날렵한 코” (Think and sleek nose) or that you want:

      뭉툭한코 —-> 얄쌍하고 세련된 코

      (Fat or blocky nose —> skinny classic nose)

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      Jeet Singh

      For teeth whitening I quickly checked with two international patient dental clinics. There are many different techniques for whitening and each one varies in price. I asked about “Zoom! 2,” which is one of the latest techniques.

      Prices can also vary on the amount of cycles or times they do treatment (packages usually come in 3 or 5 cycles) each cycle is done in 15 minute intervals.

      One clinic quoted 760,000 KRW (about $703 USD) and the other 1.2 million KRW ($1,110 USD) for 3 cycles of “Zoom! 2”

      It takes about an hour and half for treatment and includes professional cleaning.

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